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Subscriptions include four issues from the date of subscription. We’ll sometimes send a back issue or two if we have extras, as a thank you for subscribing.

Here’s a great comment on Facebook from a new subscriber – Thanks Tammi!

Gail – Just received our first print copy of The Learning Tangent Magazine & it is beautiful! Love the glossy pages & the pictures are gorgeous. Great job!!!

Posted by Tammi Buchfelder on Thursday, March 19, 2015

Product Description

Subscriptions include 4 beautiful issues, published with the change of the seasons. If you were to buy these issues seperately, it would cost 31.96! Subscribers save money, and have the convenience of automatic delivery.

We publish four (4) times per year, so you’re never inundated with magazines for which you won’t have time. You’ll receive it a week or two before the official web release date because we figure that subscription has its privileges – besides not having to zoom and scroll around the page to read it. We hear rumors of extras in future print editions too, nothing set in stone yet, but you’ll love it!

Each glossy issue comes straight to your address, ready for reading. Just as in past issues, these will be full of terrific articles, crossword puzzles, project ideas, reviews, and more.

A low subscription rate of $24.99, including shipping to the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii means that you’ll have your favorite, inclusive homeschool magazine every three months…like clockwork. Out of the country? Contact us for a shipping quote.

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