What’s With the Cover?

Since the Spring issue is already published, you are probably (rightly) wondering why I’m even bringing it up now. Well, it’s because we had so many articles that really belonged in the magazine, that we ran out of room to talk about the cover that doesn’t quite seem to connect to the issue’s theme: Volunteerism.

Here’s the answer: It does connect!

The horse in the photo, Alvie, is an off-track Thoroughbred.  He was rescued from a pretty sad situation by a pretty amazing group of people at TheraPony in Ramona, California. TheraPony is a horse rescue and sanctuary that a homeschool student named Anika Russell started. Also in the photo are David and Daniel – they were visiting with Alvie when Anika happened to have her camera ready. TheraPony takes in horses of all kinds and for a variety of reasons – from owner-surrenders because they can no longer afford to keep the horse, to abused and neglected horses. Sometimes, a horse like Alvie can be rehabilitated and adopted out, but most of the horses have emotional or physical issues and can’t be adopted out, making them lifetime residents.

I met the people at TheraPony a year ago, during their annual fundraising event. That’s also where I met Alvie, and would have taken him home that day if I could.  Since then, the twins and I have happily put in hours and hours of volunteer work, doing whatever chores needed doing. We even filled a few dozen sandbags in preparation for a couple of nasty storms, and moving them was exhausting! David & Daniel adore Alvie and the other horses, and it shows in the photo that Anika took.

TheraPony, welcomes people of all ages to volunteer, and the twins regularly ask about going up there to work. Need some fresh air and a good project? Go shovel some horse manure for a while, or help with one of the building projects they need done. When you need a break from the work, go and pet a horse… or five… or twenty-five! There are about 25 horses of all sizes at the sanctuary. Caring for them is no easy task, and the Russells welcome all the help and donations they can get to help with the horses.

TheraPony’s annual fundraiser is April 22, and they’ll have music, raffles and more…and of course, a whole lot of horses who love attention. For more information, or to donate, you can find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheraPony or on their website: https://therapony.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/2017-aspcas-help-a-horse-day/

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So, what’s with the cover? Turns out… there’s a pretty special rescue organization behind it.

What do you think?