Write for Learning Tangent!

Yes! We are looking for writers to blog on the website and write articles for the quarterly publication. We don't offer any pay yet, so the best we can do is offer you space to let your voice be heard. If you have story ideas or requests, or are interested in writing for us, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Here's what we need:

  • Articles/blogs about projects, curriculum ideas, homeschooling styles, pros and cons of this idea or that idea, and what it is like to homeschool in your area, articles on history, the arts, integrating subjects, etc.  
  • People who are willing to talk about what they do with their families. You don't need to put up pictures of your kids, but Learning Tangent readers are real people too - with families, kids, pets and challenges like yours. Let's face it, we love to hear about how someone else's day. It gives us hope for the future, a place to commiserate when things go wrong, and ideas for how we can make our own homeschool better.
  • Writers who value their faith, and are unafraid of sharing it in a way that shows us all how similar we really are, instead of how one is right and one is wrong. Even though we may all worship differently, we are all people. Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, we love our families and seek only to see their potential realized. 

You see, the real goal of Learning Tangent is to bring people together through their common love of family and homeschooling no matter what their faith background. We have drawn enough lines in the sand to separate ourselves from each other, let's start erasing them today.

Think you fit the bill? Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly!

Gail Nelson

Gail is a mom to four kids, two of whom are at home being homeschooled. She teaches violin and viola, and wrote Teach Your Kids Music in 12 Weeks, and blogs sporadically at 48days.net. As Editor in Chief of Learning Tangent, she oversees the daily operations of the magazine.

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