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You'll receive your first issue around March 20th (if not sooner), and every quarter after that. We publish four (4) times per year, so you're never inundated with magazines for which you won't have time. With any luck (and a good tailwind from the post office), you'll receive it a week or more before the official web release date!

You'll receive each glossy issue at your address, ready for reading. Just as in past issues, these will be full of terrific articles (more even than in the past), crossword puzzles, project ideas, reviews, and more.

A low subscription rate of $19.99, including shipping to the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii means that you'll have your favorite, inclusive homeschool magazine every three months...like clockwork. Out of the country? Contact us for a shipping quote.

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Gail Nelson

Gail is a mom to four kids, two of whom are at home being homeschooled. She teaches violin and viola, and wrote Teach Your Kids Music in 12 Weeks, and blogs sporadically at 48days.net. As Editor in Chief of Learning Tangent, she oversees the daily operations of the magazine.

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