Homeschooling: A Way of Giving Back to the Community

I know it sounds a little off, but it's true. Think about it. How many people on TV, social media, and even the news talk about giving back to their communities and helping the youth as well? Well, something just hit me...homeschoolers give back to the community. How? I'm glad you asked.

First, for those of us homeschoolers who are required to submit yearly documentation, there is no need of sending out truancy officers to see why our kids aren't in school! Why? It's because our paperwork is signed, sealed, and delivered and we keep it that way. We make sure that anyone who absolutely has to know, knows.

Second, they talk about keeping the kids off the street and getting them involved in positive activities. Remember this every time you take your kids to scout meeting, co-ops, support meetings, various practices, or even church activities.

Third, they talk about giving kids a quality education. You have sat down in front of your computer for countless hours reading reviews, asking other people, blowing up Pinterest, finding ways to earn extra money, researching different methods and homeschooling options...all for what? You want your kids to have a quality education. Also, there's no worry about you getting fired for low enrollment or your job depending on test scores!

Fourth, they talk about kids needing mentors. Not only are we as parents mentors to our kids, but some of us do have those other trusted adults that are positive influences on our kids and can teach them those important life lessons as well.

Fifth, they talk about exposing the kids to different things that they don't have regular access to. How many of your kids are learning foreign languages usually reserved for doctors, scientists, and lawyers? Some of our kids are in major theater productions, writing homeschool curriculum themselves, going camping, learning to cook, going to some of this country's greatest landmarks and museums, helping out in political campaigns, and even writing blogs for other homeschoolers! You seek out those things for your kids almost daily!

Lastly, though I could go on, they talk about them becoming a productive member of society. Those life skills that you're teaching them, those businesses you help them start or allow them to be involved in, those values that you're installing in them...that's what makes them a productive member of society.

So, the moral of the story is this: You give back to your community every day you wake up and get those kids out of bed! Never let anyone devalue what you do! Wishing all of you the best on your journey!

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