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Yep, it's been three years already. We're beginning our fourth year of publishing and want to celebrate with you! Just for a few days, if you use the code BIRTHDAY when you checkout, you'll save 15% on any subscription - digital - print - print/digital. Your choice.

About the magazine:

Print subscriptions  include 4  beautiful issues, published with the change of the seasons. If you were to buy these issues separately, you would spend $35. We even include free shipping to the US and Canada at no additional charge! Subscribers save money, and have the convenience of automatic delivery. Each glossy issue comes straight to your address, ready for reading.

Did we mention? Your KIDS even have a section all to themselves. Learning Tangent for Kids is written and designed by kids, and you can pull it right out of the middle of the magazine for them!

Learning Tangent is inclusive - we welcome readers and writers from all walks of life. You may see references to the individual writers' beliefs, but you'll never be "whacked over the head" by it (take a look at our writer's guidelines). We will never belittle you in your choice of beliefs, and we will never push a religious or anti-religious agenda. Ever. We believe that being free to express beliefs in a respectful manner strengthens the homeschool community by increasing understanding - we don't have to agree. It's time to come together as homeschoolers. 


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per year

ALL digital resources and quarterly issues we publish while your subscription is active.

Access to ALL past issues in printable PDF format and online flipbook

Read Home for School: The twins learn about homeschooling 

Digital edition included in your subscription at no additional charge.

Valued at more than $50 increasing in value with every published resource!

Quarterly Print Delivery


per year

4 issues of Learning Tangent with
Learning Tangent for Kids

Free back issue to get you started (if available)

Each issue is 38 pages PACKED with articles, projects and timely homeschool advice.

Ads? We don't like them either. Only 10% is set aside for ads. Other magazines contain more than 50% ads.

Save 37% off the cover price!

Quarterly print delivery
+ Bonus Digital Content


per year

EVERYTHING in the digital AND print subscriptions.

Together at one low price.

Save more than 40% 50%

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For subscriptions that include digital access: When you checkout, be sure to click the box at the bottom that says "Create Account" - we will approve access to your digital content as soon as possible after receiving payment, usually within an hour or two. Our crossover to the new subscription system is ongoing, and rather than have an unstable digital access system during that crossover, we would rather approve it manually until it is fully implemented.

We have added a new payment option: In addition to the security of Paypal as a payment option, you can also login using your Amazon information to checkout.

We have done everything in our power to create a secure ordering system, but if you're just not comfortable with online payments, contact us for alternate payment options.



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