Thank You, Common Core, for Giving Us Freedom

Yes, it sounds odd to say this, but the basic truth is that without Common Core, we would not be homeschooling. We would still be locked in the cycle of pushing our twins towards shutting down educationally ... if they weren't already shut down.

Without Common Core, we would never have known just how frustrated they were at being held back and pushed forward so that the whole class could move through the curriculum at a predetermined rate, unrelated to how they needed to learn and progress.

Without Common Core, I would never have known the freedom that is homeschooling. The freedom of determining what is right for our children, and the freedom to allow them to choose subjects and follow rabbit trails when they feel the urge.


[tweetthis]Without #CommonCore, I would never have known the freedom of #homeschooling.[/tweetthis]


Without Common Core, I would not get to see them suddenly understand a difficult concept, or be a a part of that understanding.

So thank you, Common Core, for giving us our freedom.

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