Schedule Time Off of School – Even Homeschool!

Do you sometimes feel that the school year is too intense? That you spend all your time doing school work?

It may be time to schedule some time off.

Our first year of homeschool, we worked straight through and took a little time off at Thanksgiving and Christmas for family stuff, but honestly...we should have taken more. We wind up doing some school work during the summer anyhow, so why not? You can even take a cue from year around public schools and work for 8 weeks, then take a week off.

This year, I did something a little different, and actually planned in the time off that we typically take anyhow, so I don't have to adjust my school year calendar. We will be off this week to finish Halloween costumes, a week at Thanksgiving and Christmas, then a week for the twins' birthday in February and again a week in Spring. Even though we'll be learning during those times, we aren't doing any required bookwork.

This week, the boys are learning about pattern-making because I make their costumes for Halloween. I wind up making much of them from cardboard and duct tape because of the characters they like: Dahleks from Dr. Who, Transformers (yes the costumes transform), this year it's General Grievous from Star Wars and Sideswipe from Transformers. But these are nothing more than pattern-making. Measuring, cutting, assembling and painting. They learn about how to fit prosthetics for costuming, the logistics behind the build and more.

Sure, this is educational, but it's so much fun and a welcome break from the bookwork!

During the various holidays, they learn about cooking, cultural customs, and religious traditions of other faiths. This is the beauty of homeschooling - that you can adapt to the needs of your family while providing to your children a superior education.

When are your breaks planned?

Tell us what you think!