When There Are Just No Words…

Earlier today, I had one of the roughest homeschool discussions I've ever hard. A lady was telling me how she just couldn't homeschool and was sending her child to a private school. So, I decided to ask why. Her answer floored me-- she said that homeschooling wouldn't allow her to have total control of her child's education. She said she wouldn't be able to choose her own curriculum and know exactly what her child was being exposed to. She said she wouldn't have the option of opting out of standardized testing and would not have access to extracurriculars like she would at the school.


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When I told her that she was actually describing the essence of homeschool, she paused for a very long time. She didn't believe me, either! There was nothing else for me to say. Sometimes, we will come across those who make us rub our temples while giving them the minion face. All you can do at that point is change the station...quickly.

One thing is certain: not everyone will understand who we are and what we do, no matter how much we wish they would. One day, the skies will clear for them and they will see the light. Some are influenced by the illusion of control that they think they're being offered. I was truly at a loss for words.

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