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Our School Year Was a Failure!

As homeschool parents, we have this recurring fantasy that our kids will go through the entire school year without a hitch. We have the perfect school year planned(fantasized) in our minds. Our curricula are ready to go, we have ordered/prepped/written everything we need and the kids will love it and do their school work without prompting. Only […]

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What’s Your Homeschool Style?

The beauty of homeschooling is the flexibility – the ability to adjust what, when and how you do things to suit the learning styles and personalities of your children. There are a variety of approaches to homeschooling, and most homeschool families use a combination of them. We hope this list helps you understand and decide […]

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Lunar Eclipse – Science at Night

Update December 27th, 2017: The next total eclipse is on January 31st, 2018 – if you’re in Asia, Australia, the Pacific and parts of the Western United States. There are few subjects our boys enjoy more than science. So when we heard about the series of blood moons coming in the next couple of years, […]

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Adding Science & Art to Your Homeschool Day – Part I

We love science and art around here, so it’s easy for us to add them into our day. This was by far the best project we’ve done that incorporated them both into an entire afternoon’s worth of fun. The morning started with an episode of Beakman’s World(available on Netflix), where Beakman and his crew made glue […]